29 March 2010

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Ly Sander & Michael J Collins - Imagine (buy)

One of the EP's of the year so far for me. You Were There by Ly Sander & Michael J Collins. Out on Electric Minds of London. The coming together of this duo has resulted in brilliance. On the face of it you can look at Collins' links with Wolf + Lamb and Ly Sander's connection with Drumpoet Community and come to a conclusion that this will be right on the pulse of the ever changing house music heartbeat. These are 'mood-inspiring productions; subtle and simple in places they will appeal to those that like their music deep and with a touch of soul.' Electric Minds are also putting on a killer warehouse party in Dalston on Thursday with Ilja Rudman, Nina Kraviz and Ray Mang to name a few. Details here.

Coleman - Track 5 (buy)

Been playing this Dirty Disco mix by Coleman a lot just lately. It's incredible. An hour of old house, obscure disco, world music and hip hop.

Here's the video to go with Christian Martin's new track on Trapez. This is some really, really inventive work from Christian. In love with.

Video: Christian Martin - Ghosts

Breaking Bad is amazing, almost prefer it to Mad Men. To blame for me not posting at all last week.

  • Breakng Bad is very amazing...more people need it in their lives.

    Great post too!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:56 am  
  • man I catched up with season 1 and 2 in the last week. its funny how I hear about it all the time since I started watching it. and the coleman mix is gr8

    By Blogger DWIGHT, at 8:43 pm  
  • breaking bad is dope

    By Anonymous ubertrigger, at 11:48 pm  
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