13 April 2010

by blogdigger

This is a mix I have done for Blog Digger in Paris. Myself, Redhotcar of Fluokids, and Palms Out Sounds shall be playing some music and that on Saturday May 1st at Le Scopitone Club. Maybe see you Parisians there :)

Scrivin - Phenomena
Mark du Mosch - First Flight
Kasper Bjorke - Lost Signal
Pional - In Another Room
Jay Shepheard - Add Arp
FCL - More Than Seven
Jimspter - Seventh Wave (Dirt Crew Rework)
Iron Curtis - Grossreuth 1
Jayson Brothers - The Game
Milton Jackson - Breathe
Andre Lodemann - Dark Edge (Dairmount and Berardi Dub)
Kink - Existence
Clement Meyer - Midnight Madness
Joel Alter - Ride With Me
Yantra - 360 (Flutter Mix)
Joy Division - A Means To An End

More sounds.

Michael Forzza - Tok Tok

Belgian producer Michael Forzza really delivers with Abstractor Part 3. Punishing dark minimal techno. Great stuff. Out on Perimiter Records.

Ogris Debris - Raid The Itch (buy)

Ogris Debris are an Austrian duo with a penchant for twisted tech house. I guess their style kind of reminds me a bit of Ost & Kjex but maybe that's the obvious comparison to draw. It's good stuff nonetheless. Salty Womb is their latest output and this track is previous to that taken from the Compost Black Label series.

Joe Clausell - Betrayed (buy)

Taken from Clausell's Unchained Rhythums, 2cd's of world music inspired deep house rhythms. Ideal for the spring.

Cluster - Hollywood

To finish, some vintage electronic krautrock from the masters, Cluster.

  • Your mix is amazing see you in Paris !!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:29 pm  
  • Wicked!
    Can't wait to see you here in Paris.

    By Blogger rehkitz, at 10:11 am  
  • DEFO !!! I'll be there man!!!

    By Blogger Gohan, at 2:44 pm  
  • ah paris, which i could be there but probably won't make it.
    love the mix though!

    By Anonymous sofie, at 9:57 pm  
  • wish* oops

    By Anonymous sofie, at 9:57 pm  
  • is there anyway to download this still....? such a lovely mix i want it for keeps. thanks, love the blog.

    By Blogger jonnyp, at 5:27 pm  
  • jonnyp, we've upgraded the soundcloud page, you can now download the mix again !

    By Anonymous blog digger, at 12:37 pm  
  • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the mix. Looking forward to Paris.

    Be cool to see you again Gohan (after a few beers less this time hopefully hehe)


    By Blogger Leighton, at 1:02 am  
  • No no absolutely not less, actually I even owe you a beer !! it's my round dude!

    By Blogger Gohan, at 3:30 pm  
  • Burglar Tom does a mean edit of that Joy Division track if you can track it down

    By Anonymous SK, at 11:31 pm  
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