4 May 2010

Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant (buy)

Laid back dreamy space funk from the hotly tipped Space Dimension Controller.

Beroshima - Moonraker (Mutron Remix) (buy)

Tokyo based Techno producer Mutron works magic on this Beroshima track.

  • Wow.

    The Space Dimension Controller track blows me away. Was feeling very jaded until I heard it. Now life feels better again.

    Looks like his album "Unidentified Flying Oscillator" is a freebie over at http://www.acroplane.co.uk/node/208

    By Anonymous Fraserhead, at 11:02 am  
  • It's genial!

    By Blogger sAmudĂ­az™, at 11:18 am  
  • agree with fraserhead on the space dimension controller track - i'd love to hear a re-edit - it's just too short!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:31 am  
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