11 June 2010

Pic: Haw-lin

Philipp - Federation (buy)

Freerange Records just keeps putting out some of the best house music, I can count a number of tracks on the label this year as potential end of year top-picks. This one by Philipp is taken from the Colour Series: Pink. It kind of reminds me of Declination by Foog, but a lot warmer.

Jark Prongo - Spadet (buy)

Long time Dutch producers Jark Prongo with this pleasant slice of techno. Nice.

Brothers' Vibe - Bump Da House (buy)

I love the repetition of this by Brothers' Vibe. Taken from Wave Files 7, highly recommended.

Dinky - Unidog (buy)

Understated track by Dinky from 2006, sounds really quite fresh to me.