31 October 2010

Pic: George Kalivas

Kenton Slash Demon - Matter (buy)

As previously hinted at, Kenton Slash Demon's new release on Tartelet is equally as infectious as their last. Superb. The release also features a top remix by Runaway.

Simon Garcia - Cinematique (buy)

New on Supplement Facts is this understated tech house nugget by Simon Garcia. Out of nowhere it becomes something really quite special.

Tiago Fragateiro - Face (Michael J Collins Remix) (buy)

Great debut on Composite Records by the Portuguese Tiago Fragateiro. Justin Timberlake lyrics continue to be in vogue. Michael J Collins continues to excel, this time with an eerie chugalong.

Gregorythme - Swan Song (buy)

I've been enjoying Gregorythme's output for a while now, but his latest output on Cityfox Ltd. is cerainly up there as his best to date.