23 January 2011

Incredible work by Rolando taken from the latest Ostgut Ton release. Superb video by the29nov, a duo making some really interesting videos to a lot of underground techno and house tracks. Perfect.

Red Rack'em - Nightshift (buy)

Ultimate late night vibes on this one by Red Rack'em.

Quantec - Upward Spiral (buy)

Taken from Eintakt's Liquid Garden compilation. Gorgeous bubbly dubby house from Quantec.

Alfabet - Roundabout (buy)

This is the first of 13 two track singles from Tom Trago and Awanto3 performing as Alfabet. With both artists abililty to craft infectious house music the future of this partnership is very exciting indeed!

  • My god! That track + video is AMAZING!

    By Anonymous Don Simon, at 2:49 pm  
  • Fantastic video. Thanks for posting Roundabout with Alfabet, been looking for this a while now!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 pm  
  • Wow. Am loving the Alfabet and Red Rack'em tracks. Don't know where you find them all but love your selections as always.

    I'll be playing some on our radio show today: www.thejoint.co.nz

    By Blogger The Joint, at 9:16 pm  
  • I have to admit I read your words and was previewing that Red Rack'em track and I was like, "pretty good, but I don't know if it's 'incredible work'". Then I realized what you're talking about. That video is ominous, oppressive, and overall superb. The other two songs are ace too. I hope you don't mind if I jacked a little of your content here.

    By Anonymous daniel viborg, at 10:46 pm  
  • heard the alfabet tune on gilles peterson and had to hunt it down immediately. such a massive tune, so great shout.

    By Anonymous wonkycarton, at 1:43 pm  
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