27 January 2011

Pic: Kokoro & Moi

Upperground Orchestra - Orion 419 (buy)

Upperground Orchestra - Eremit Version (by Ra.H) (buy)

Solaris Eremit was released at the beginning of 2008 on Morphine Records, really solid jazz infused deep house with a lot of experimental touches. Ra.H (who is in Upperground Orchestra and records as Morphosis too) tweaks the title track for slightly more punch. Stumbled across it when I was going through the Morphosis releases on Morphine and M>O>S. Looking forward to a full-length coming up!

Morphosis - Mot (buy)

Morphosis - Cetrik (buy)

Just a few days left to enter the £2011 competition at Oki-Ni, just remember to split your winnings with me ;)