15 April 2011

Felix Uran - Masprojekt_3 (buy)

Rasmus Folk - Pavel (buy)

Earnesto Rogers - Vespa (final)

The Endless House Foundation release on Dramatic Records has been my most listened to record for some time now. A conceptual compilation of tracks that came about from the idea of one man with an obsession for new technology and new sound. That man was Jiri Kantor, a millionaire who these days resides in the Adriatic city of Trieste. In the early 1970's however, he set up a foundation in his native Czechoslovakia for likeminded artists to come together as one and express themselves in the 'Endless House'. The compilation curates just a few of the tracks from the Endless House archives into a mindblowing taste of how things once were. You can hear more here.

Brain Machine - Alpha Beta Gamma (buy)

This is an amazing release on Titan's Halo Records from cosmic krautrock duo Brain Machine. Alpha Beta Gamma is a 17 minute journey to one side of the galaxy and back, gathering pace all the time before burn up on re-entry. Trimmed down remixes come from the ever impressive Johan Agebjorn and Von Spar, who themselves released a cracking track on Areal's IRR label last month.

Von Spar - Soarex (buy)

Kenton Slash Demon finish off their Schwarzchild Solution Trilogy in style with the magnificent Daemon, a track matched every step of the way by a stunning video by Dark Matters.

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