27 October 2011

Pic: A Fistful Of Dynamite

Gui Boratto - Half Life (Patrick Chardronnet Mix) (buy)

Exactly the right approach taken on this remix by Patrick Chardronnet. Proof that minimal techno can still hit the spot.

Anaalivaihe - Nälkä 1 (buy)

Anaalivaihe is a Finnish experimental side-project of Imatran Voima's Perttu Hakkinen. The 7" release Kolme Tutkielmaa Nälästä may feel like 'world-music' in places, but it really is something more, the b-side especially gives off the vibe of a producer with his finger firmly on the pulse.

Ursula Bogner - Sonne = Blackbox (buy)

Lovingly compiled into an LP and released on Faitiche the homemade recordings of Ursula Bogner have been given their chance to shine 40 years after their creation. Sonne = Blackbox is an essential listen.

Datassette - Space Rubbish Theme (buy)

I remember hearing this wonderfully sleazy tune an age ago on Datassette's Soundcloud, eventually it has been released as a theme tune for the Super Space Rubbish video game. Genius.

Elbee Bad - In The Sky (buy)

Stunning deep house jam by Elbee Bad. Released on the ever reliable Yore Records.

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