8 February 2012

Pic: The Cosby Sweater Project

Massimiliano Pagliara / Roger 23 - H-EA-L (R'23s Healing Medicine & Anti Depressiva Dub) (buy)

Roger 23 - Ain't No Dirty Games (buy)

Searching through some records from the past few years the other night I happened upon a quality release by Belgian label Meakusma (a super label whose subsequent releases include work by Madteo and DJ Yoav B). H-EA-L featured then newcomer Massimiliano Pagliara and Roger 23 aka Roger Reuter collaborating on this murky and magnificent two-tracker. Then, heading further into Roger 23's backcatalogue I came across a couple of records he put out for Playhouse in 2005 and 2006, the track posted here is taken from the Blind Youth EP but all the tracks are pretty tasty fodder and proof that it's always good to look back from time to time.

Hans Staudinger - On A Salty Planet (buy)

This is a solid and progressive tech-house groover by Hans Staudinger for Viennese label Houztekk. Features remixes by Ken Hayakawa and Ogris Debris. Great stuff

Grovskopa - Haas (buy)

Digging this Grovskopa track off Sect's double CD It's All For You. Well worth checking the rest of the compilation too, full of quality dark techno .

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