5 March 2012


Chateau Flight - Cosmic Race (buy)

Just one of many highlights featured on Versatile Records 15 Year compilation. Chateau Flight's Cosmic Race was released back in 2002 and as you look through Versatile's long list of releases you will see how many memorable and legendary acts have featured on the label in those 15 years.

Mauser - Regenerate (buy)

Mauser - Dancin' (buy)

Time for some of Chicago past and present. These tracks are taken from Mauser's EP The Vault out on Synapsis in 2010. Killer hi-nrg acid and jacking techno. Mauser has also just released a new EP on Soul Magnifique entitled Simple Science. Quality producer.

Leron Carson - Red Lightbulb (buy)

Leron Carson's Red Lightbulb Theory 87 - 88. A pretty essential release on Sound Signature. Almost mythical in existence, Carson made these tracks in 1987 aged 15 before being rediscovered and released on 2x12" many years later.

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