3 November 2012

Ten to kick off November. Club orientated.

David Morley - Descent (buy)

Aubrey - Evacuation (buy)

Crystal Maze - Dissolve (Dungeon Dub) (buy)

Jonas Kopp - Green Fingers (buy)

Neurotron - Untitled (buy)

Alex Israel - Front Butt (buy)

VC-118A - Deploy (buy)

Eduardo de la Calle - Untitled (buy)

Madato - She Dancer (buy)

Monolake - Plumbicon (Rebreather Mix) (buy)

  • Gems. Lost in Dungeon Dub right now.

    By Anonymous NIc Bwongbwong Wilson, at 10:54 pm  
  • I normally love everything you post but this selection has no soul. Sorry. Thought you should know though. Peace.

    By Anonymous Mike Wheeler, at 11:26 pm  
  • Just thought I should share a Brand new EDM site that I came across on the forums: http://www.justgomusic.com/artists/gregori-klosman/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=andrew

    By Blogger andre sheky, at 3:42 pm  
  • Thanks for the comments.

    No need to be sorry Mike, we all hear things differently. It's what makes music so special, it affects us all in different ways at different times.


    By Blogger Leighton, at 5:46 pm  
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