30 January 2013

Pic: Marc Andre Robinson

Marquis Hawkes - Teetotal Acid (buy)

J Velez - Some Of Your Friends (buy)

Catalepsia - Green Wing (Area Nudge Nudge Version) (buy)

Neotnas - That Day (buy)

Crime Scene - Got 'Em Down (buy)

Justin Vandervolgen - Sheebooyah (buy)

Panabrite - Index Of Gestures (buy)

  • Neotnas.. Very nice sounds! Checked it out on soundcloud as well, good stuff

    By Anonymous Faux Effet, at 10:41 am  
  • Love my Panabrite vinyl, good stuff. Thanks for all the discovery, new and old.

    By Anonymous sylv9st9r, at 3:59 am  
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