30 March 2013

I do not know if I can find the time any more. 

Paul Mitchell - Exped Two (buy)

Tabernacle Records is probably the most consistently surprising, inventive and above all impressive labels around. This is a leftfield masterpiece by Paul Mitchell.

Streetwalker - The Nymph (buy)

Streetwalker - Untitled (buy)

Streetwalker's Future Fusion holds up incredibly well as an LP, too easily the length and quantity of tracks could spoil the enjoyment but this just flows amazingly well, you will not get tired of this LP easily at all. Expect a lot of quirky analog sounds. RIYL FRAK.

Even Drones - Untitled (buy)

OWL001. Delicious vocal samples and deep house groove. Mysterious.

David Vunk - Forever Always (buy)

Loopy Dutch greatness ;)

Mooryc - Simply (buy)

The pace and vocals on this track make it a winner, there's also a great Dapayk remix. Soundtrack techno.

Ivano Tetelepta -  112 (buy)

112 bpm. Yum

Stanislav Tolkachev - Heartbeat (buy)

Stanislav Tolkachev just keeps blowing me away with the quality of his music. This new one on Mike Parker's Geophone label is mindblowing.

Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation) (buy)

The Master

  • Hope you can continue even just occasionally - KV has been a massive education!

    By Anonymous hohle fels, at 9:33 pm  
  • In this case a big Thank You is in order.
    I enjoyed so many of your discoveries over the last years that by now my iPod is full of Keytars and Violins.
    Of course it's a loss for all of us, but I hope that if you do stop you won't do it with a bad feeling, but with lots of backflowing energy for new and other things.
    So thanks Leighton!

    By Anonymous Janik, at 9:28 am  
  • Your blogg is like a fountain of inspiration. thank you !

    By Anonymous Franco, at 3:47 pm  
  • Hi Leighton. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Yours is my favourite music blog. No one else I know posts the excellent selections that you do, so I must have jinxed you :)

    Thank you for taking the time to share the treasures. It's been really inspiring and what got me back into techno.

    Like hohle fels says above, I hope you can continue occasionally, perhaps a mix or two a year?


    By Blogger frasercgraham, at 8:47 pm  
  • Your exceptional taste will be missed, in music and graphic design.

    By Blogger Lupo, at 10:01 pm  
  • Hope you dont quit. But if you do thank you for the inspiration and excellent musical selection.

    By Blogger The 3House, at 1:03 am  
  • I really hope u find the time! Best musicblog there is. Thank you!

    By Blogger joakimR, at 4:12 pm  
  • definitely ppl out here who appreciate the sounds + sights each and every post! keep it up whatever pace suits u-- nate @ deskjobblog.blogspot.com

    By Blogger Nate, at 8:09 pm  
  • Ah, this blog is so good! One post per month?

    By Anonymous Faux Effet, at 10:32 pm  
  • I recently discovered your blog, and it has immediately become my favourite. Please don't shut down. How about once a month?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 pm  
  • Come on Leighton. You've come this far...

    By Anonymous James Rand, at 1:57 am  
  • so sad. this blog has been a main source of inspiration for me. big up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:26 pm  
  • i hope you continue posting every now and then.you completely revitalized my passion for dance music,3 or 4 years ago.Anyway,thanks for everything

    By Anonymous george, at 11:26 pm  
  • agree with everyone here. hope you can keep it up even if occasionally. one of the few places i check these days for inspiration.

    By Blogger ATM, at 4:30 am  
  • whether you keep it going or not, you have introduced me to some incredible music over the past few years, Thank you and i hope this is not the end!

    By Anonymous Sam, at 10:20 am  
  • Sad sad news, but thank you so very much. Man, how I'll miss K&V!

    By Anonymous Mario, at 10:27 am  
  • nooooooo! at least once a month?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 am  
  • seriously this is one of the most, if not the most, enduringly excellent blogs I've had the privilege to follow, you're taste is an influence for me, straight up, i truly admire the sense of artistic integrity and rigour that seems to show through every post, thank you for the music until now, and i hope you continue to have a presence in the conversation

    By Blogger 2RAMP, at 4:44 pm  
  • Oh no, without your blog i would have passed so many good tracks and music. Love your mixes so much. Best wishes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:05 pm  
  • the moody techno & others tracks you spread will resonate in our ears for a long time.. hopefully! plz do not die !

    By Blogger Sounds Of Saturn, at 1:42 pm  
  • keep calm and carry on! you will be missed if not. you've exposed me to so much good music.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:53 pm  
  • so sad to hear this news. if so, your spirit surely lives on...thank so much...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:14 am  
  • Sad to hear if so but understandable as well. Thanks for the music!

    By Blogger Just Press Play, at 10:56 am  
  • Followed this blog for years, exceptional ! Love it from the start, always pushing boundaries . Q&D ;)

    By Anonymous Queen & Disco, at 5:01 pm  
  • great blog , merci !
    sinner dc

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:16 pm  

    By Blogger Peter PleasureCruise, at 2:11 pm  
  • It'd be really disappointing because you've done such good work, but when it's time to go, it's time to go.

    By Anonymous Dave, at 11:50 pm  
  • we all know that you have a speacial taste of music (beside your knowledge), thank you for sharing it with us...

    By Anonymous OzgurAy, at 11:15 am  
  • Do we need to add something to this demonstration of love? Just... KV IS ETERNAL!

    By Anonymous Peur Bleue, at 9:25 pm  
  • I genuinely give a +1 to each one of these comments.

    By Blogger jgkedhgkljhg, at 5:31 pm  
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