12 July 2014

Aluminium / Rabenmutter#11 by James Rand on Mixcloud

It's always a pleasure to welcome long time favourites back on to the blog, especially when they can supply a mix as sublime and timeless as this. In what seems like a lifetime ago, Liverpool (now London based) DJ James Rand kindly put together an earlier instalment of his Rabenmutter series. Four years, six mixes and a conspiration of events later, James brings us Aluminium / Rabenmutter#11 - a nod to most things Germanic. Check out the tracklist and enjoy a perfectly executed non-conformists view on what sounds good, then, now and 'til who knows when.

1. Atom TM - Ich Bin Meine Maschine [Raster Norton]
2. Mike Dehnert - Emlo [Delsin]
3. Vondelpark - California Analog Dream (Robag's Habay Latoff NB) [R & S]
4. Edmundy - Nadir [Borft]
5. Unit 4 - Bodydub - Freak Electrique Acid Dub [Clone]
6. John Roberts - Ausio [Dial]
7. LoSoul - You Know (SuperMayer Remix) [Playhouse]
8. Tiga - Good As Gold (Instrumental Mix) [Different]
9. Matrixxman - Amulet [Spectral Sound]
10. Supermayer - Two Of Us [Kompakt]
11. Marcell Dettman - Lightworks [Ostgut Ton]
12. DJ Koze - Let’s Help Me [Kompakt]


Here is a further selection of music that you will not regret listening to.

Unknown Artist - Blanc 2 (buy)

Manfredas - Uumellmahaye (buy)

Xenogears - Multiverse (buy)

Steffi & Dexter - Rosser (buy)

Petre Inspirescu - Talking Waters (buy)

Gunnar Haslam - Demoninazione Version (buy)

It's been a while since I have fled these shores. We will now be going to Croatia for Dimensions Festival in Pula at the end of August. Might do a preview of some of the artists in the lead up to it. Seriously excited. Hope to see you there.

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