6 June 2016

Olin - From Iceland (buy)

Lena Platonos - Witches (Red Axes Remix) (buy

L/F/D/M - Take A Chance (buy)

Konstantin Sibold - Mutter (buy)

SZCH - Untitled A (buy)

Skuffface - Laos (buy)

Caldera - Passing By (buy)

Dan Curtin - The Waters of Mars (buy)

Daniel Drumz - Na Kolana Pastuszkowie (buy)

George KAMM - 矢野顕子 (buy)

Facit - Krv (buy

Denial - California Dreaming (buy)

Footix was such a great mascot. If you're a fan, enjoy the football.

  • When the 98 world cup was being played I was living in USA and I couldnt believe that it wasnt something important to anyone, nor was any of the games aired on tv or anything, in Honduras its a big event event if our national team isnt playing :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:41 pm  
  • That Lena Platonos tune is fab!

    By Blogger Noa, at 6:34 am  
  • Ho Man Footix!!!!! Great World Cup!!! and we won at the end!!!

    By Blogger LE PANIER DE L'AUBERG'IN, at 4:56 pm  
  • auf wiedersen germany!!!!!!2-0!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:44 pm  
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