23 September 2016

Golden Ivy - Sval Sommar (buy)

Kris Baha - Mind Your Head (buy)

Batu - Monolith (buy)

Marco Zenker - Amb-01 (buy)

Antenna - Odessa (buy)

Analaug Paulyphony - Crazy Man Bored of The Sea (buy)

Weirdance - Weirdistan (Excessive Mix) (buy)

Baleine 3000 - The Nap (buy)

And for the longer, lounge listening. This album is great

Suso Saiz - The Ten Heads Of Someone (buy)

Suso Saiz - Ceniza Húmeda (buy)

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    By Blogger Ivó de Nicolás, at 8:18 pm  
  • I live in Barcelona but didn't heard about Suso Saiz. Fantastic album; impressive guy. Thank you.

    By Blogger Ivó de Nicolás, at 8:20 pm  
  • Great selections once again! Thanks

    By Blogger Unknown, at 6:44 pm  
  • i've jumped to the label from Analaug Paulyphauny and wow! what a label! :) thank you, you made my day - as usual. best wishes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:09 pm  
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