8 March 2017

My how time flies. Sorry for the quiet spell, been readjusting, growing up, getting burdened.

Alexis Le-Fan - Swiss Cottage (buy)

Rushmore - Soho Only (buy)

The Abstract Eye - The Unseen (buy)

Swedish Naan Boys - Hold Time (buy)

Ilario Liburni & Massimo Girardi - Forensic (buy)

Khidja - World Of Noon (buy)

Jasss - Gates To Nowhere (buy)

Jasss - Minotauro (buy)

Back soon

  • Been opening the site everyday almost since Dec. 2016 looking for a new post, great to see you're back, cant wait to hear whats in store :) big up

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:08 am  
  • And all now feels right with the world.
    xox Fraserhead

    By Blogger frasercgraham, at 8:01 am  
  • awesome, ty

    By Blogger cantaloupe, at 11:02 pm  
  • yeah man!

    By Anonymous Mario, at 12:36 pm  
  • hey men, we all get in our shell sometimes, really good to see back at crafting your selection!

    Thanks for your efforts!

    By Blogger Coen Bavinck, at 3:08 pm  
  • Great you are back and well. Thank you.

    By Blogger Iv√≥, at 9:54 pm  
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