8bit Peoples

Bit-pop, chip tunes, whatever you call them, electronic music made on an old Gameboy, NES or MegaDrive can be a loved or loathed genre. Given the old age and limited capabilities of the devices used to make bit-pop, you'd think the results would be unastounding to say the least. WRONG. True some tracks can sound like the Mario Bros 3 soundtrack tripping out on acid. But others are intricately crafted chiptunes capable of imprinting their insanely catchy melodies into your brain muscle! 8bitpeoples first came together in 1999 as a collective of artists sharing a common love for classic videogames and an approach to music which reflected this obsession. Their primary interests were to provide quality music for free and most importantly to have fun. Heres just a taster of some of the music thats available from their website.


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