"Ingenting" is a Swedish word, I don't quite know what it means yet, but i'm going to find out!* Anyway Ingenting or [ingenting] as they are labelled are Swede's singing in Swede, on Swede label Labrador. They're the only artist on Labrador who actually sing in Swedish. As usual on Labrador, its glorious indie-pop (with slightly more rawk)...... but this time in Swedish.

PopJohan makes electropop with Swedish lyrics and German emotions. The music is inspired by contemporary electronic music and old indie pop. I really do love his music, and in keeping with the "ingenting" theme. Here is PopJohan's - Ingenting Men Du.

The Chap is about to embark on a whistlestop tour of UK and France, starting on 20th October. I for one will hopefully make it to one of the shows, and I will be an extremely happy man if the following song gets played!

Details of the dates and locations for The Chap tour can be found HERE.

*please let me know if you understand this word UNLESS it is disgustingly vulgar, my ears could not take it


Mysen said…
[ingenting] means [nothing]. The band actually don't have a name but the recordlabel has to put something on the album covers.
Unknown said…
There is a absolutley smashing Markus Enochson remix of that track. Not released due to tha fact that the record company didnt like it, their loss as it tears up any dancefloor whenever you play it. I think theres about 5 people of us that have it. Our little secret...

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