18 October 2006

"Ingenting" is a Swedish word, I don't quite know what it means yet, but i'm going to find out!* Anyway Ingenting or [ingenting] as they are labelled are Swede's singing in Swede, on Swede label Labrador. They're the only artist on Labrador who actually sing in Swedish. As usual on Labrador, its glorious indie-pop (with slightly more rawk)...... but this time in Swedish.

[ingenting] - Punkdrömmar

PopJohan makes electropop with Swedish lyrics and German emotions. The music is inspired by contemporary electronic music and old indie pop. I really do love his music, and in keeping with the "ingenting" theme. Here is PopJohan's - Ingenting Men Du.

PopJohan - Ingenting Men Du

The Chap is about to embark on a whistlestop tour of UK and France, starting on 20th October. I for one will hopefully make it to one of the shows, and I will be an extremely happy man if the following song gets played!

The Chap - I Am Oozing Emotion

Details of the dates and locations for The Chap tour can be found HERE.

*please let me know if you understand this word UNLESS it is disgustingly vulgar, my ears could not take it


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