The Knife

One week tonight, one week tonight, yes seven days from now I will be at The Forum in London hopefully watching in great wonderment at The Knife's live performance. When I first heard of The Knife I soon found out that they didn't do live shows, this upset me. My only chance I thought would be to see a DJ set by DJ Coolof, the moniker for boy Knife person Olof, this chance came on 10th November last year, Olof was to do a DJ set in my hometown! Unfortunately illness befell me and I could not make it to what I heard was a "piggin' awesome set!" Gash, my chance came and went. Then The Knife had a change of stance on the whole we don't play live dooda. Which brings us to a week from now in London and what I anticipate to be a great evenings entertainment, even if the support in my opinion could be better (sorry PTR) Here are 2 thongs from The Knife for you to enjoy, plus a super special bonus of a Honey Is Cool song (Karin's previous band)




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