Sometimes We Saw The Knife Live And Were Impressed

So The Knife played The Forum in London on Saturday, and I was lucky enough to be there, to witness what could only be described as a theatrical spectacle! Now I will leave an in depth review to those more articulate, but in summary it was absolutely the best show EVER, past, present or future! An utterly breathtaking audio/visual extravaganza. From the moment Karin and Olof walked on stage completely blacked out apart from masks with red illuminated eyes and mouths everyone knew this was something different, something truly special. And for the following hour and a half all in attendance were completely captivated and enthralled by this unique thing presented before us. Some credit must also go to planningtorock who I thought set the scene perfectly by starting the evenings precedings with some brilliant kaleidoscopic videos. Heres an example featuring a doppleganger of Noel Fielding.

Here's an absolutely terrific (as per usual) track off The Knife's soundtrack to Swedish arthouse flick Hannah Med H.

The only slight grievance about the whole show, and it is very, very minor, is that they didn't play Is It Medicine. Surely kidZ would have been falling off the balconies and stuff if they had played it though. Oh and £12 for four cans of Strongbow upset me a little bit, £2.19p in Tesco, scandalous! A night I will never forget, no never!

So thats my post-seeing The Knife live ramblings done and dusted!

Eurocrunksters Modeselektor were in heavy rotation on my way down to London, with track 11 off their excellent 2005 Hello Mom! LP particularly impressing me at that point in time.

Booka Shade + Hot Chip = AWESOME

Reminds me of something Minotaur Shock might rustle up.


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