Racing Home From School To Play Street Fighter 2

Hadouken!blah. blah.blah. soundslikeKlaxons.blah.blah. blah.StreetFighter2 .blah.blah.blah. alsosoundslikeDropTheLime.blah.blah.blahyped.

Hadouken! - Klaxons vs Hadouken

Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl

And whilst on the subject of the Leeds music scene, someone whos been at it for years, Claire Broadley aka Printed Circuit never fails to make me smile. The Sound Of The Wonderful Technique is just pure electro-pop brilliance, sweet 8-bit hooks from start to finish, guaranteed to revive anyones dank and dreary day!

Printed Circuit - Mobira

Boys Noize crank up the distortion again, this time with Erole Attakk, nice one boys <3<3

Boys Noize - Erole Attakk


Claire Circuit said…
could you remove the link to my song please? thanks/ claire, printed circuit

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