Been loving French electrohopster TEPR just lately, belching out cut up 80's synths, fake sax, and sometimes guest rap from Omnikrom what more could a man want on his 15 minute commute to work in the morning! Great stuff

TEPR - En Direct De La Cote

I would also love to move my body to a Boys Noize remix of Tiga's Move Your Body, but unfortunately i've got sciatica. Oh well, I can at least bob my head profusely. I'm still undecided as to whether Boys Noize are better remixers or producers of their own material. They're undeniably fantastic at both if you ask me.

Tiga - Move Your Body (Boys Noize Remix)

Das Kometen also has put up some new tracks on his MySpace <3


RyanSpartan said…
re-up on the tepr?
Anonymous said…
Boys Noize is one dude. :)

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