19 November 2006

Now i'm not really much of a rap enthusiast , with perhaps the exception of Gold Chains or Ghostface. Well to that short list I can now add TTC, a Paris based rap collective made up of DJ's and emcee's including Teki Latex and Para One. I first heard TTC on track number 1 of Modeselektor's 'Hello Mom' and remember thinking "Wow this sounds much better than rap in my native tongue!" A new TTC full-length is due out in January and from the press release I read, it's going to be quite special!

Some guy about TTC - 3615 (due 8th January 2007) - "The most innovative, risk-taking and outrageous hip hop act to come out of France in the last decade, TTC are back. With Cuiziner established as a heartthrob in the US, Teki Latex set to release a pop-rave album and Tido Berman concentrating on advanced, heavy-lidded sativation, the trio are taking things higher with their third album, “3615TTC”. With production from the group’s flying helmet-wearing DJ, Orgasmic, the mighty Para One, Tacteel, Modeselektor and Tido himself, this is the band’s most consistent, distinctive effort.

The record kicks off with a nod to Monsieur Gainsbourg as TTC get finger-snapping on “Quand Je Claque Des Doigts”, Para One rigging up a beat that is as weird as it is catchy. “Paris Paris” drops love for the mostest city in the world over a martial rhythm, “Turbo” shows Para’s taste for emolectro. “Travailler” (“Work”) is all about making it look easy. “Ce Pou Vous” finds the group twisting r&b into new shapes for your benefit. “Antenne 2” is classic French pop chopped into small pieces and put back together. Tido contributes the wigged out instrumental “J’ai le son” before Tacteel throws in a terrifyingly satanic re-work of the hokey kokey and then the group get dirty on “Strip Pour Moi”. Only in France would an artichoke play such an important metaphorical role… “Ambition” is more uplifting kitsch, a reminder of the sweet, beating heart of the group. Finally, allies Modeselektor finish things off with some cut up club music.

Breathtakingly clever, silly, profound, shallow and beautiful, “3615TTC” is that rare thing, an album which sounds like no other."

Until then though, you might well want to check out this heavy hip-hop klub kut from Mr. Flash featuring TTC, entitled "Champions" I like, like it a lottt. Mr. Flash's Champion / Disco Dynamite is out on Ed Banger.

Mr. Flash featuring TTC - Champions


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