YUKSEK - Amerik

YUKSEK has come up trumps again! The French disco-house wizard has a new tune called "Amerik" which is nothing short of stonking! It's kind of like Daft Punk doing Vitalic.

Check it! Man I just can't get enough of YUKSEK.

Went to see CSS last night at Korova (most swish gig-venue ever, but what do you expect when it's owned by Ladytron) CSS played a blinder. If you are going to see them at any point, I INSIST you buy a t-shirt, they are so so RAD, even RADDER than those Presets t-shirts. Credit also due to The Roger's Sisters for playing an excellent set even if I was upset they did not play Emotion Control, I did not know they were fronted by a young Jackie Chan.


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