Are Oui Phony??

I first heard Safety Scissors when he did a sweet remix of Dntel's now legendary This Is The Dream Of Evan And Chan back in the day, then he did his own Tainted Lunch album which I also enjoyed a lot, he brews up some really lovely electronic-pop, and his latest offering is a remix for Architecture In Helsinki's They Died, We Remixed LP is no exception. Putting his own vocals and electronic arrangements to the effervescent Do The Whirlwind (it seems he only remixes amazing songs) Safety Scissors (Matthew Patterson Curry) comes up with something not totally dissimilar to the original, but different enough to make you prick your ears up and realise that this is a sterling cover of a superior song!

Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Safety Scissors)

Are oui phony?? That's the title of DAT Politics latest offering of eleckyskronk on Tigerbeat6, there's some cracking tunes to be heard on it especially Step Back which is probably the most straightforward i've heard DAT Pol ever be. But 1 minute 40 seconds will always be the ideal length for a DAT Politics song to be ;-)

DAT Politics - Pekin Synth Star

It's worth checking out Whomp! FM too, there is amongst other things a 22 minute megamix of Adventure Kid tunes available for stream. It's also great to see I'm From Barcelona encorporating Adventure Kid's We're From Barcelona remix into their live show, it looks so much fun!!


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