How Clean Is Your Acid House?

Errors are an inescapable facet of human imperfection. Errors also happen to be a Glaswegian post-rock-tronica trio who throughout December will be showcasing their great skills in live shows in Scotland and London (dates here) Also great to see that they will be playing SXSW in March. I'd so check them out if I lived remotely near any of those places! They have an EP out entitled How Clean Is You Acid House? and it's chuffin' brill, and only a Lady Godiva, bargain!

Errors - Terror Tricks

Ming & Ping are the greatest synth-pop duo I ever did hear this year, same old story, identical twins born in Hong Kong, transported to San Francisco where in 2002 they decide to make New Wave / Electro Pop. The following song is just great.

Ming & Ping - Delete

But wait! The cheese on toast synth pop doesn't end there......put on your headphones and listen to this :-)

J+J+J - Jobs That Require Headphones

And to top it all off you simply MUST check out Pixel Pixel Pixel and his coin-op core sound. Described as sounding like completing Golden Axe on only one credit and then playing Space Harrier straight afterwards and feeling like you just jumped through the warp pipe to World 8 so you don't have to listen to anymore of that 'Our Princess is in another castle' crap and then when Guile combs his hair after jack-knifing to win a perfect round and you're just like, "Y-y-y-yeah..." and you just busted the bad guy on Chase HQ and knacked the heck out of his car and shiz but then there's some quiet bits kinda like when Link is just drifting on the open sea watching the stars shine like little Tri-Forces but mostly it's like Double Dragon when those bitches kick your ass with whips.


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