California kids The Softlightes are making such sweet electronic pop, my ears are getting fat off the sweetness. Destined for places larger even than CA, The Softlightes have already made it onto the front cover of a recent NME, with their song Girlkillsbear (remixed by the equally as sweet Swede's Lo-Fi-FNK) featuring on a Modular Mix CD. Here is the original of the said song. I've said sweet too much already, so now i'll use beautiful. Twinkling electronic melodies, chirps and tweets in the vein of Team LG or Architecture In Helsinki.

The Softlightes - Girlkillsbear

It's also great to see Modular looking outside of this whole norman-rave-electro-dooda scene for their roster.......not that i'm grumbling too much.

I caught Revl9n in show earlier in the year with the incorrect thought that they were infact Revolution 9 (check their site and listen to Computer Girl, it's mint) I wasn't disappointed with Revl9n though, they were amazing, hot, and Swedish, and delivered a great electro show. I've keenly followed their exploits since. Freeform Five have just remixed one of their songs, enjoy!

Revl9n - Someone Like You (Freeform Five Remix)

A Chow Chow is a fluffy make of dog which normally keeps it tongue sticking out. Chow Chow are also a cool indie band who come up with great songs like this:

Chow Chow - Bright Lights


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