Skunk Funk

Ok so every father, son, wizard and goblin knows what Jesse Keeler's been doing with himself since DFA1979 called it time. But what about his former drum buddy Sebastien Grainger? Well he's on the comeback trail, currently writing material for a new record of his own, there is 2 tracks you can hear on his MySpace. The one called When You Go Out smacks of Ratatat plus lyrics, I really like it, but i'm not going to call it "funky" because that would be doing it down. Funk, a horrible word. When You Go Out will be released on a 7" split with Toronto's Jewish Legend who sounds like THIS, superrr.

Sebastien Grainger - When You Go Out

Rediscovered the joy of Cursor Miner in the past week, back in the day I just loved Cursor Miner Plays God, flipping great album! Then 2006 saw the release of Danceflaw which is basically a soggy electro-techno extravaganza. Example:

Cursor Miner - Skunk Works



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