Northern lads That Effing Tank are geniouses spoilt only by their name. Earlier this year I was privileged enough to see them sweat their backsides off under a gazebo in a tiny outdoor patio, the place was rammed and I could only gain a view by dangling precariously from a upright gas heater thing. Their style is semi-improv dance rock, persistently stomping from one tune to another with the aid of an odd-strung-and-tuned baritone guitar through a guitar and bass amp using a morley switch pedal + regular drums and sticks. Giving all those other loud as heck two-piece bands a lesson on how to do it, and do it well!

TFT - Making A Meal For Beethoven

Three years since the initial Idol Tryouts:Ghostly International compilation was released, Volume 2 is now upon us, offering doses of exclusive avant-pop (disc 1) and SMM (disc 2) Some great artists feature, including Solvent, Mobius Band, Benoit Pioulard, Tim Hecker. Fantastic! Here's a sample off of it by Chicago's electro outfit Kill Memory Crash.

Kill Memory Crash - Press + Burn


feelthisway said…
I saw TFT just after the summer, while I sat on the stage and watched them strip. The gimick ruined the music a hundred percent.
Leighton said…
They took their tops off when I saw them, but that was only because they were sweating profusely. Nudity in music is unacceptable, yet it seems that's how the majority of the music industry is surviving these days.

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