Top Dog

"HMV, top dog for Christmas" However, some punks disagree with that statement and are intent on creating uproar in HMV. Punks is exactly what they are..... Casio Punks. They call themselves The $hit (Dollar Hit??). Armed with cheap electronic instruments, an iPod backing track and a bad attitude, they have dragged their shambolic live show kicking and screaming across the UK - from triumphantly storming Oxford's Truck Festival to causing chaos at a London fashion week catwalk show and generally kicking the brains off kids all over the country, sharing stages with the likes of MC Lars, To My Boy, Trash Fashion and Simon Bookish. Their debut album is entitled LOCK UP YOUR GHETTOBLASTERS!!! Their sound is like Freezepop meets Towers Of London meets Cursor Miner, and at the moment i'm not quite sure if i'm ready for it! Are you?

The $hit - H-M-V-R-I-O-T

Then on the nice end of the electronic music scale there is Boyfriendgirlfriend. Their bio reads as follows:

"in a small room, curtains drawn, in the ghetto side of brooklyn, eric monse wakes up. he sits down in front of a computer screen and turns on mixing boards, synthesizers and drum machines. his black headphones clamp to his head as he listens to a file he downloads through the internet.

1800 miles away, in denver, colorado, shane etter is turning off his synthesizers for the evening. he has just finished composing the file eric is listening to. the file contains a song: music, vocals, recordings, and midi information. eric and shane have already sent multiple variations of this file back and forth to each other in their collaboration, changing and crafting the song.

the file, you could say, is boyfriendgirlfriend.

located simultaneously in new york and denver, boyfriendgirlfriend are set to release their debut album, 'name names'. not a single note of the album was recorded with eric and shane in the same room as each other. but as they begin their east coast tour, each stage will burn with sonic fury and visual intensity."

Very interesting and impressive. Here's a track from Boyfriendgirlfriend.

Boyfriendgirlfriend - Infatuation Dot Com

Benoît Pioulard is also a captivating musician....he does photos too.

Benoît Pioulard - The Depths & The Seashore


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