drink a glowstick for a fiver?

Hey you, you with the neon and glowsticks hanging out of every conceivable orifice! Yes, it was Klaxons, CSS, NYPC and Sunshine Underground all together on Fridayyy, it was good, bar a few insolent fifteen year olds shouting for Klaxons from moment one cos they read about them in NME and heard a song on Radio 1, still, they don't know no better . But apart from that it was rocking, and for extra LOL factor my friends drove 40miles to the venue only to realise they'd forgotten their tickets, klutz's! Pretty soon the LOL's turned into OMG's when we went to Korova to go see Crystal Castles play only to be turned away because it was all sold out.... this has taught me to always buy tickets in advance, or to keep working out until i'm 7 times bigger than the biggest bouncer in the land(who can often be found eating burgers outside Rescue Rooms) Creatine where are you.

So I got a MySpace the other day. I didn't realise how good it is for finding great songs by the likes of Motik Lok and badboy remixes by ZZZ and stuff. These songs are in heavy rotation with me at the moment, ZZZ offers an even more cut up and distorted version of Surkin's Ghetto Obsession. And Motik Lok creates a minimal-electro-house beauty with some great vintage rap anthem samples for good measure.

ZZZ vs Surkin - Ghetto Obsession Remix

Motik Lok - Ebbr

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