Many moons ago, a friend did a Best Of Electronica Mix CD for me. 5 years on from their release 2 of those songs on that CD have struggled to be surpassed (in my own opinion, according to what i've personally heard) by anything in the category of downtempo electronica. Maybe it's just because I think they both remind me of awesome childhood memories, like playing Final Fantasy VII until stupid o'clock, or watching The Neverending Story on a Saturday morning most Saturdays.

To Wauvenfold and FortDax, thanks.

FortDax - Oxenfolly

Wauvenfold - Podunk

It'd be in your interest to try and listen to Folly by FortDax and 3fold by Wauvenfold.


Anonymous said…
*thank-you*. you may think that i'm overstating this, but finding & reading things such as this genuinely helps.

take care,

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