je suis petite.... desolee

These guys go close to Freeform Five without being Scissor Sisters-esque, the go close to FischerSpooner without being full-on revivalist, yes it's Franz And Shape, most noted for their appearance on a 2mandj's mixtape, Franz And Shape prove they are so much more than that. Their new album Acceleration is in a word, EXCELLENT. Guests on the album include Mount Sims and the GR8 GD Luxxe of Tigerbeat6 fame. An album well, well worth investigating, and an act to watch out for.

Franz And Shape - Maximum Joy

Franz And Shape - 444 Days

Then from Italians acting German, to Germans acting German. Jochen Trappe and his brand of nauseating tech-house, ooo yeah! It's a slurry of electronic noise that just works. Described as sounding like a drunken computer trying to get dry!

Jochen Trappe - Bypass

You just gotta love Swedish indie-pop, just when you think there can't be anymore good indie bands from there..... WHAMMY, straight in the kisser. Most Valuable Players lay it down in an irresistible fashion. Love you guys.

Most Valuable Players - Guess My Name

And if you like drawing. This will be of interest to you. :-D


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