Neighbours - Best Program Ever

It's pretty much ritual to come home from work just in time to catch Neighbours (best and only show I watch on TV) So today was no exception, I got home just in time to watch it, today
Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) tells Lynn Scully he wants to get married ASAP, yet just a few scenes later he is flirting outrageously with Rosie. When my mum saw this she said: "Paul is such a sleaze!" I agreed wholeheartedly, but then my dad pipes up: "Ah Stefan Dennis, he had a song out once." This was news to me, so as soon as Neighbours finished and i'd had chance to see the bit in the credits where it says that Mischka is played by a Deborah Kennedy (we all thought she was really Russian) I went and Wikipedia'd for Paul Robinson's musical career... low and behold it turns out he actually made it to number 16 in the UK charts in 1995 with 'Don't It Make You Feel Good' Next step was to find it, which I did so with relative ease. What does it sound like? Well the first 2 seconds sound like Justin Timberlake's 'My Love' then it turns into a kind of remix of the Krypton Factor theme tune (which was actually done by Art Of Noise - the very kids who turned me onto electronic music), with Stefan's vocals sounding a smidgen like Bowie. Whatever, it needs remixing.


Stefan Dennis - Don't It Make You Feel Good

I used really get off on hearing songs that make use of a Speak'n'Spell machine, then I totally forgot about Speak'n'Spells until good old iTunes random song selecter delivered the goods again. Monster & Maskiner are a really great electropop duo from Sweden who have had the honor of having a record released on the The Knife's Rabid label. This song 'Are You A Friend' is off their 2005 self-titled LP which is lot fun for dancing in your bedroom.


Monster & Maskiner - Are You A Friend?

They also have a really quite good video for the really quite good 'I Won't Stay' off the same album. Here it is.


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