Congratulations BPITCH CONTROL on releasing the best music ever. I have loved all BPC releases that i've heard, from Boogy Bytes to Camping Compilations, they have always been Chevy Chase. And 2007 is looking just as good as ever in terms of BPC releases. Damero - 'Happy In Grey' promises to be THE album to loiter to this spring! Then the BPC Camping Compilation number 3 is out in March and has an amazing artist line-up.

Listen to previews of Damero - Happy In Grey HERE.

Listen to previews of Camping Compilation 3 HERE

A new 12" on BPC worth checking too is Swede Tomas Andersson's - Mot Matsalen! It has more ups and downs than any UK suburb that has ridiculous traffic calming measures!

Tomas Andersson - Mot Matsalen!

And a band I totally forgot about until I found their CD while I was cleaning my car, Melpo Mene, they really do make the most beautiful indie-pop, i've fallen in love with their album Holes all over again!

Melpo Mene - Hello Benjamin

Melpo Mene - I Should Get Away

Melpo Mene - Lady

Right, now back to playing Football Manager 2007 - i'm having serious withdrawal symptomzz.


Anonymous said…
I'm in love with Melpo Mene now!


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