The Shoppings etc

I was looking for a new t-shirt over at I Love Your T-Shirt, then as I was scrolling through their links I couldn't resist clicking on Colette, the Paris fashion/music/art/culture boutique/gallery that releases compilations curated by themselves and other rad musicians, most recently Joakim. Anyway, I was on their lovely site looking at what was on offer, and what caught me most was the music being streamed to me via the site.... The Shoppings... their sound is like a French version of N.E.R.D. meets LCD Soundsystem, and frankly it's the buiz! The Shoppings is composed of David Layaysse (alias I&Fused) and Pascal Monfort. Pascal writes and sings on soundtracks that David composes and produces. The Shoppings is not only punk, not only rap, not really rock, not completely electro. Their debut self-titled album is available here.

The following song reminds me of that bit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? When Bob Hoskins sings a little dance in order to make the Weasels die of hysterics.

The Shoppings - Le Lycaon

Speaking of familiarities, I was listening to this song by Black Strobe and immediately thought Testarossa Overdrive.

Black Strobe - Italian Fireflies


Warp records comes good again.

And finally... this is Dolby Anol, Glasgow's dirty electro & ghettotech magistrates. Can't wait to see them at Dot To Dot.

Dolby Anol - Groove n Move



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