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Easy going electro, not something you can say too often with the current crop of distortionheads intent on squelching every last living breath out of the cleancut beat. Popular Computer is one French man and his computer, intent on creating sounds solely on a personal computer with sound card and amp. The musical world of Popular Computer keeps on becoming refined and revives the futuristic promesses of the past decades with nostalgia and modernity. Easy going electro.

Popular Computer - I Can't Forget You

Gangpol Und Mit can supply all your sugary sweet melodious needs whilst making you smile and think: "Guys, guys, guys are you for real?" I love it, though I know the majority won't. Think of a less harsh sounding Dat Politics being broadcast on a VHS tape thats been recorded on a million times. Genius music released on wwilko

Gangpol Und Mit - Chinese Slavery

Boy vs. Bacteria, we all fight bacteria all the time, but Richard does by serving up some anti-bacterial retrogamerpixeldancemusic. Exceed the recommended dose and feel happy!

Boy vs. Bacteria - Waiting For That Feeling

Boy vs. Bacteria - Saffron Skyline

Cash Candy & Parov Stelar (one and the same) got this Jet Set EP out since March, and it's great, lot's of nice build ups, crescendos, pinnacles whatever, all set to persistent beats and stuttered vocals. The EP includes a mix by Christopher Just, all good listening, whether at home or elsewhere.

Cash Candy & Parov Stelar - Jet Set


Dwayne Sodahberk - Knife Aboard. Tigerbeat6. YES


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