Mr Miyagi

Every now and then you will hear song which after only 17 or so seconds of play on the first time of hearing you will fall instantly in love with, when it's played out to its completion the first time it goes straight back on, and again, and again, until it's time for a sleepy peepy. Recently such a thing occurred to me.

Mr Miyagi are a pair of Swedish chaps who are about my age, but far more skilled in the art of computer sound synthesis. The Vitalic influence is clear from the outset with it's persistent throbbing beat of doom, then half way in when monsieur Master System gets going, being coerced into producing his beautiful 8-bit speech just makes you smile that bit more. Also, there's the raise in pitch from time to time which harks back to the joyous days of dancing with merriment to Vitalic's La Rock 01. Oh man. For reasons more than nostalgia, this could be my dance anthem for the summer, if anyone will play it..... of course they will! I need a DJ set. Buy the 12" HERE and spin it to death.


Mr Miyagi - It Dies

Pat Morita would be very proud.


Dj MyKill said…
Any way we can get this uploaded again? Thanks.
Dj MyKill said…
nevermind. Looks like eggdisk is just down right now.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the track! you should check out their klaxons remix that you can download of their myspace here.

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