experiments with noise

After a new electronic sound? This might well come close, Gouseion's excellent album Puisne ensconces elements of IDM, euro-crunk, electronic pop and more, all blended together into perfectly crafted songs. It's as melodic as it is disorienting, staright edged as it is raw, hard to explain in words without sounding silly really, but trust me it's a really good sound that Gouseion is chucking out here. Get a copy from Boomkat

Gouseion - Pirony

covering KLF

This is the best live show ever....non?

Max Tundra, man amongst men

Max Tundra - Labial

To further experimentalise this post, let's add Simon Bookish into the mix.

Simon Bookish - Interview

Ah yes, such refreshing lyrics. Quoting Max Tundra: "I was kind of spurred on by listening to the cliched rubbish on daytime radio, and I thought to myself ‘Here’s someone in the top ten, and every single line of this song is a totally overused phrase or cliche and it made me realise that my lyrics are actually a little bit wittier than that so it kept me going really."

YAY for experimental pop.


Anonymous said…
hey there - you're out of bandwidth! great blog though.
Pierre said…
Dang I was really interested in hearing that Max Tundra track too.

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Leighton said…
Sorted =)

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