Fox n' Wolf

Synthtrashpop heroes Fox n' Wolf never fail to please me with their hard electro-pop that smacks of hideously dressed times gone by (see further down) It is quite frankly impossible not to love Fox n' Wolf, impossible not to find yourself moving uncontrollably to their synth grooves, impossible not to feel 35% happier after listening to one of their tracks, impossible for me not to recommend highly enough! Get their stuff HERE

Fox n' Wolf - Electric Date (alt link)

So yeah, I was in Tanerife and I was listening to the radio, and this classic came on.

Paul Hardcastle - 19

There's definitely some Fox n' Wolf in there.

So that track had some spoken word samples in, but that's nothing compared to the sample and found sound masters The Books. If you're lucky enough to have seen them play live, you will no doubt have been amazed by the videos that accompanied the music. Well now those videos have been released on DVD. Here's some samples.

The Books - Take Time

The Books - Smells Like Content

The Books - Classy Penguin


Crame said…
Thank you for the two tracks. Shame you didn't post the Michael Jackson song "Electric Date" is a cover of. ;-)
Leighton said…
I totally didn't know that! Just when I thought I knew a bit about music :(

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