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I bought one^^^

If i'd have been blogging two-years ago i'd have been posting about The Vermicious Knid with great enthusiasm, such was my adoration for their sound. My adoration never stopped, just keeps getting shelved for a while, then making a welcome return after just enough time for me to forget how blatantly amazing they were and enough time for their unexpected twists mid-song to completely wow me all over again. Smalltown Devotion Hometown Compulsion in my eyes is the most under-appreciated indie album in pretty much forever, an indie rock/post-hardcore masterpiece that is so consistent throughout, taking many exciting twists and unexpected turns en route making it a wonderful listening experience surpassing by far the generic majority of indie bands out there. This will be some of the best indie music you will hear this year. Sadly The Vermicious Knid disbanded early in 2006 =( Luckily you can still pick up a copy HERE.

The Vermicious Knid - Ghosts Of A Drunken Past

The Vermicious Knid - These Were Wolves

The Vermicious Knid - Century Soldiers

Another 2-year oldish gem is this one by 10lec6 called Counter Stroke that featured on the legendary Rough Trade shop's Counter Culture annual. I don't know a great deal about them, what I do know is they are hella noisey hella good.

10lec6 - Counter Stroke

Force of Nature are KZA and DJ Kent, two long time friends that share the same musical tastes and vision. KZA is a huge vinyl junkie who has acquired an enormous record collection over the years, enabling him to have a wide variety music at his fingertips. DJ Kent, the other side, has been DJing in Japan for many years now and has developed his own unique sound and musical style that makes him one of the most stimuluating and respected DJ's in the Japanese dance music scene. Their latest release To The Brain on Mule is pretty much as described as above, refreshing and stimulating. It also features two more of Prins Thomas' wonderful Diskomiks'.

Force Of Nature - Traderoute


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