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Swedish music obsessive that I am just can't get away from the blooming stuff today! Not a bad thing at all of course.

Din Stalker (Hannes Stenstrom) makes up one sixth of circuitboard-heroes Slagsmalsklubben and without his allies still manages to come up with the byte ridden goods. This track off his MySpace reminds me of playing Super Metroid crossed with a slow-starting Simian Mobile Disco track. Vague I know. Good I also know.

Din Stalker - Dear Weekend (alt link)

Then on Slagsmalsklubbens Djur and Mir label there's a compilation called Yesterdjur, Yestermir, Yesterday which is pretty ace and full of bit-pop, electro-pop and indie-pop. My favourite song for reasons more than the band name is Grapefruit & Bodybuilding's 'Fight Allright' it's a no-fi indie-pop nugget that may well embed itself in your head =)

Grapefruit And Bodybuilding - Fight Allright (alt link)

Some more top lo-fi action on that same compilation comes from Convoy Roadstar who I suppose when forced into a corner and asked you could describe as a happier sounding Dandi Wind.

Convoy Roadstar - Hepstar Steps (alt link)

It always amazes me how a country with such a small population as Sweden seems to be some kind of musical paradise on Earth.

Grapefruit and bodybuilding when structured in to a regular routine will over time cause you to develop MUSCLES. Muscles is also an Australian guy having a good time with synthesizers at parties up and down the globe. He has really developed a long way in just a few months reaping the benefits of making such infectious melodies, his album Guns Babes Lemonade is out next month on Modular and is available to pre-order HERE and will no doubt extend our Summers with its promised 'trance breakdowns; shouting and lots of vocal harmonies; techno; cut-up vocal house; electro pop; big basslines and synths.' Oooh yeah!

Muscles - Sweaty (alt link)

Sticking with the super happy good times theme here is the video for Yelle's A Cause Des Garcons.


Elizabeth said…
ok what are you trying to do to us putting muscles, yelle and slagmalsklubben all in one post? oh i think i just missed the swedish boys playing in berlin! heartache.
Leighton said…
trying to induce a sugary dance-coma on you all!!

booo, shame you missed them swedes, they are so much fun live!

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