shinichi osawa

Shinichi Osawa is a name you may well be familiar with, perhaps best known in the 90's for his work as Mondo Grosso in recent times he's been getting involved in the business end of electro, delivering heavy edit after filthy remix. He's just released 'The One' which upon listening is undeniably infectious, a barrage of heavy electro beats, catchy guitar riffs and guest vocals from Au Revoir Simone and Princess Superstar amongst others. No it's not a revolutionary step in the electro epoch we currently find ourselves in, and frankly I don't care. If you were disappointed by certain full-length electro albums this year then look here, Shinichi Osawa has quietly gone about his business, collabing with Kitsune, dishing out a remix here and there, then WHAM a showcase of his own impeccably produced electro rolled into a very satisfying 70 minutes or so. Get the album HERE.

Shinichi Osawa - Electro411
(alt link)

Bogdan Irkuk's ep The Distant has been one of my most played things all year, now Rollerboys have followed up, releasing Ultracity and their ep Swetalic. Epic space disco pop is what it is, makes you warm and happy and nostalgic is what it does. The 12" is available HERE.

Ultracity - Twelve Year Drive
(alt link)

But if cosmic disco is not your cup, then how about some dark 80's influenced electro pop? Since being sent this track by Clique Talk i've found myself coming back to it. It seems to be a burgeoning sound of late, with acts like White Williams, San Serac and now Clique Talk all amalgamating aspects of new wave, punk, disco, synth pop into their own distinct incarnations, to great effect.

Clique Talk - Sweet Chips


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