vampire genius stars

What do you get when you cross italo-disco and The Field? Professor Genius perhaps. Having featured on one of the best compilations of the year, Professor Genius has also had 12" releases that really do sound like some kind of hybrid proto-Kompakt release. This here is the good stuff.

Professor Genius - Hot Dice (alt link)

Manchester tour related goodness. Best indie band of the year hands down Vampire Weekend are at the Roadhouse on 20th October for the princely sum of seven groats. Then on the 25th November the masters of ambient drone, Stars Of The Lid are at Urbis, I say this in the most complimentary way possible, they make me fall asleep every time. beautiful.

Vampire Weekend - Bryn (alt link)

Stars Of The Lid - Tippy's Demise (alt link)


Anonymous said…
K&V is good music.

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