29 November 2007

Here we have nothing less than amazing. Le Le write their songs in English, Dutch, German and French. The tunes they craft are pure pop genius. Insanely catchy and instantly memorable this electro-pop perfection will brighten up anyones grim day of mundanity. Just think somewhere along the lines of the poppier moments of a Kitsune compilation and you have a rough idea of where Le Le are at but still managing to stamp their own brand of magical genius onto proceedings, electro esperantology I think they call it. Their single is available HERE. Now an ode to jeans with ankles of 12 inches or less in circumference.

Le Le - Skinny Jeans (alt link)

Le Le - La Bouche

Le Le - Hard

You may or may not have heard Turzi, they've been getting noticed up and down the blogs for a while and with good reason, their album entitled 'A' features all sorts of songs that begin with the letter A. Expect some exquisite and consuming lo-fi synth laden psychadelic space indie.

Turzi - Amadeus (alt link)

Turzi - Afghanistan


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