18 November 2007

Today is a retrospective look at the pop music of Thailand and France.

I am intrigued by world music from times past, particularly the releases of Sublime Frequencies who specialise in distributing music from the remotest corners of the globe that was never well known enough in the first place to ever be forgotten. Sublime Frequencies is a collective of explorers dedicated to acquiring and exposing obscure sights and sounds from modern and traditional urban and rural frontiers via film and video, field recordings, radio and short wave transmissions, international folk and pop music, sound anomalies, and other forms of human and natural expression not documented sufficiently through all channels of academic research, the modern recording industry, media, or corporate foundations. The fruits of their efforts inlcude the political pop music of Niger circa 1980, illegal electronic gang funk from Rio de Janeiro. And a collection of Thai pop music from the 60s-80s. Have a look through the Sublime Frequencies site - the info on each release makes for some interesting reading.

Here is a couple of Thai disco-pop nuggets from the 1970's

Chailai Chaiyata & Sawanee Patana - Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Puen (alt link)

Chalermpon Malakum - Pleng Show (alt link)

Better documented are the yé-yé girls of 1960's France. Think of the 1960s, back when pop music had only just begun. An explosion of youth, optimism and the breaking down of musical boundaries. The first generation of teenagers in search of a soundtrack to their new freedom. New artists became pop stars, riding high on a tidal wave of energy. The French, inspired by the sounds coming out of the US and UK, taking ideas from the great girl-groups, the beat-groups and combining it with the best of the French chanteuse traditions. The result became known as the yé-yé sound; classic pop songs with a French twist. I would have loved to be living in Paris at around that time.

Katy David - Plus Tard

Christine Delaroche - Des Tigres Et Des Minets

Stella - Pourquoi Pas Moi

Clothilde - Saperlipopette

Taken from the fantastic Femme De Paris compilations.


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