Gay Cat Park's 'I Am A Vocoder' is touted by many as the essential Italo-Disco track. I wouldn't disagree. Early 80's lo-fi synth pop at its finest. It has just been re-released on Clone with a couple of updated versions alongside the original. Being a vocoder never sounded so good, apart from a hilarious interview with Chromeo that is on their myspace.

Gay Cat Park - I Am A Vocoder (alt link)

Gay Death Probe are a two piece from Southampton who make gabba pop with their sampler, the drum machine and the circuit bent toys.

Gay Death Probe - Return Of The 100mph Dog (alt link)

Gay Beast are noise rock! Point of reference - Load Records.

Gay Beast - What You Want (alt link)


Crame said…
Being gay is cool, undoubtedly. But I don't know what I would prefer to be : a cat park, a death probe or a beast ? the three are quite appealing.

Here is a track you may like :
it's like Olga Kouklaki remixed by Black Strobe but with the vocals of the yéyé tracks you recently posted.

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