So, during a bi-annual tidy up of my car I uncovered many things. T-shirts, beer cans, magazines and lots of CD's, most without labels the result of hasty mix CD making. Here are a couple of absolute gems I uncovered off this one blank and very scratched yet still functioning Tesco CD-R.

Kevin Blechdom - Get On Your Knees (alt link)

Revolution 9 - Computer Girl (alt link)

I have raved about Skullening previously, but that was a year ago. Considering the massive uptake in the noise-punk stakes of late i'm surprised Skullening haven't created more blogwaves. I'll reiterate what I said back then, Skullening are a loud and trashy noise punk quartet. Sinister organ and pure bass distortion coming through your speakers at a squillion MPH.

Skullening - Rainboner (alt link)

Skullening - New AIDS (alt link)

Skullening - Bugs That 'R' Dead


Anonymous said…
skullening is greattt. geezus.

it's like le shok + a distortion pedal!

great. love. thanks.
Mars said…
Thanks for the boner!

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